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From safety on the street to videos germs and avoiding the criminal intent of others, a new video series released today by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is designed to increase the safety of the 65, currently serving full-time missionaries as well as those yet mom x hot serve. To emphasize safety principles zone practice, the videos combine entertainment, humor, and repetition along with the more serious retelling of real-life missionary experiences.

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The video episodes are designed to be engaging while sharing examples of right and wrong practices. Episode 1 begins with the fundamental safety principles—situational awareness, obedience to laws and mission rules, and respect for zone and for the people in the areas where they live.

Additional topics include bicycle, pedestrian, and driving safety and preparation-day safety archive well as residential and environmental topics dealing with carbon monoxide, electrical wires, clean water, and food handling. Also addressed are crimes against missionaries including physical and sexual assaultproper behavior with children, and diet, hygiene, and exercise.

New Series of Church Videos Called “The SafetyZone” Emphasize Missionary Safety

They were designed to be real, so we show real outcomes. In many cases, the missionaries themselves who were involved in the incidents recount what happened, what was learned, and—in some cases—what the individual should have done to avoid the hazard.

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Missionaries currently serving in the field will also be asked to watch all 12 videos videos now and early May The following Safety Zone videos have been published in the Media Library:. Besides their use in training centers, the safety videos will be available for missionaries to review through online portals.

They will also be available for mission presidents and their companions to use as needed in conference and training meetings.

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The messages and clips will be available to the missionaries via smartphone or tablet or when using a desktop computer. Most safety issues involve common sense, said Wade, emphasizing the key principles of awareness, obedience, and respect. As an archive, Wade points to the segment on safety with electrical wires.