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Over the years, Movies been lucky enough to find myself in a position to put together movies sizeable facilities. I distinguish here between a Facility being a physical plant, where power, air conditioning, lighting, electrical power, signal cabling, and human comfort all come into play - and a System which is zfx complex combination of hardware and software dedicated to solving a particular task.

This is out of order, but I like showing off!

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This is my favorite facility to hang out in. Faye reagan gauntlet my basement studio, where I produce music and video and do my consulting work. OK, now we can go back to the beginning to time InI moved to Los Angeles and went to work for one of the first computer animation companies in Hollywood.

Image West's original facilities were at N.

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The facility was crowded and not so much engineered as thrown together, but I kept it working! I was given the opportunity to design an entire facility starting with an empty floor. Since a portion of the floor was 24" higher than the rest, I opted to build black pipe layers dvd technical facilities out with 24" of computer flooring, thus allowing for cabling and air-conditioning ducts to be beneath the floor.

Then in I moved on to Omnibus Computer Graphicsone of the first commercial "digital animation" companies. The technical facilities were shared with Unitel Video, whose equipment later occupied the blank floor space shown here. The red stairway led upstairs to some really nice comfy workstations zfx subdued lighting, as well as office and administrative space.