Blog Posts News Source: Following BMW drivers were Audi 2. Drivers of foreign car makes were also behind BMW with Italian cars 2.

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Among women, French young sex freaks drivers top with 2. Read Article.

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That'S very true and plus You have Got to be kidding me, tell me a men with a ferrari doesn't bang more than a guy with a bmw!!!!! To me this article is intriguingly even if its written from liberal Reuters.

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I understand why such statistics are being studied and fed to media. Its a difficult and highly sensitive subject but, I'll explain it anyway in a simplified version. Main reason is to believe it or not.

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Yes, it is Let me explain: Dying nations are usually defined as those fertility rates of 1.

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By that measure, 30 European countries are either dying today or -- like France -- seeing their cultures and populations transformed by growing ethnic and religious minorities.