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In Japan, Adult Videos Black bra porn Adult videos are focused on sex, and may not in some cases have a storyline.

The mainstream studio Nikkatsu focused on pink films through its Roman Porno line from through V-cinema or OV also tend to focus on a story, but sex if present is less central, and they com released on video to be displayed in video stores or rental shops alongside mainstream movies. Many V-cinema works are produced by video-focused subsidiaries of the big film studios, e.

SHV Cinema for Shochiku. OV can be rated by the Eirin or Eizourin depending on the content.

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This is a chronological history of the AV adult video industry in Japan. The main events relevant to the AV industry are discussed for each year, as well as notable debuts. Names are given in Western order i.

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In the late s, the ' pink film ', or adult film market in Japan was largely the realm of low-budget independent companies. The major studios, DaieiNikkatsu www, ShochikuToei and Toho tended to focus on story-based films with little nudity or sex.

Chronology of adult videos in Japan - Wikipedia

Sony released its first U-matic video cassette recordersjapan an early alternative to theatrical film. Film required developing while videotape could be played back right after recording. The high price of the U-matics limited their use mainly to television studios and news crews.