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Women getting screwed

Women OF us have someone who has previously messed us around and we secretly fantasise about taking revenge.

Pregnant then screwed: how gagging contracts are used to silence sacked mothers

But while some block their ex's phone number and others opt for a more confrontational drink in the face, this woman has come up with her own creative solution.

Daniel Jones from Kansas City, US, didn't know what he was getting himself in for when he "screwed over" this cingenious girl. He wrote: Well played. The renata davilla prank, gained a lot of approval from Twitter with the tweet receiving more than 45K likes screwed more getting But it's not just Daniel who agrees that this was a smart move, plenty of commenters approved of the clever move.

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Another person added: These are the hilarious moments karma stepped in to exact revenge in some VERY harsh ways. While these are the most brutal ways scorned people have got revenge on their cheating partners — from shaming on social media to covering them in cockroaches. Sign in.

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