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Wild Porn Tube

The Brief: A video of a tube that sends salmon over a dam has gone viral in memes about this "fish tube. Created by a company called Whooshh Industries, this pneumatic tube is specially designed wild safely move fish over hard-to pass areas.


Benefits of this fish tube include its ability to help salmon migrate over dams and to control populations tube invasive fish species. This wild helps native fish pass over dams in seconds rather than day pic.

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Kash Sirinanda kashthefuturist August 8, Lady Gaga as a salmon going through the fish tube pic. Millennials are obsessed with the fish tube because it offers salmon the kind of purposeful direction and security that we as a generation have never known pic.

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Another fish transportation video has been spreading. This one is of a lake being restocked with trout via airplane. Tube sudden virality and wildlife theme of free porn sed meme was reminiscent of the recent Feral Hogs memes.