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Wife with my friends

Like the living dead, another oxymoron, spouse-friends, are all around us friends days.

Wife with my Friends -

Whatever the reason, referring to your spouse as your bestie, your bud, or your BFF has become rampant. So which is it? Has marriage become little more than benefits with friendship? There is some research into this question.

I'm An Introvert Who Married An Extrovert, Here's How It Works

As he researched social connections a few years ago, he found that everyone derives with from online friends and real-life friends, but the only friends that boost our life satisfaction are real friends. Helliwell and a colleague discovered that a long-running study in Britain had data that may illuminate this question.

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Between andthe British Household Panel Survey asked 30, people to quantify their wife satisfaction. In general, married people expressed higher satisfaction, he said, and were better able to manage the dip in well-being that most people experience in middle age, as they face work stress, caring for aging parents and other pressures.


But an entirely separate part of the study asked people to name their best friend. Those who listed their spouse were twice as likely to have higher life satisfaction. Is feeling this way about your spouse necessary for a good marriage? Homeclips tube asked.