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I was wearing that boring suit and she was done up in a blue prom dress she wore for pageants. It was only our first date but when the slow songs would stop we would keep dancing. Toward the end we sat at the edge of the dance floor and she complained of her feet hurting. Boy did I feel privileged to offer to rub her beautifully arched feet; I had feet done that before.

To Rub My Wife’s Feet

I did wife know then I was committing myself to giving foot rubs for the rest of our marriage. Kathy was free feet sex vids so grateful for foot rubs and as a man it was rewarding to have been feet by her such an easy way to make her so happy. I did not always rub her feet but some years Wife would not miss many a day and these past few years I was strong enough from milking Goats morning and night that I could rub her feet while half asleep.

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I live without that now… She no longer needs my foot rubs. She no longer needs to cuddle with me, to have me whisper hope and praise on a dark day. And thus the air becomes cold and the house silent as I try to grasp that she; for now, no longer has those needs; those needs that I know how to meet.

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And without her I feel my own needs blow back in my face and so I know God is teaching me, I know what is required of me.