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Wet pink vagi

A discharge from the vagina may occur normally pink may result from inflammation of the vagina vaginitiswhich may be due vagi an infection.

7 Reasons Why Your Vagina Is Itchy | Teen Vogue

The genital area vulva —the area around the opening of the vagina—may also be inflamed. Depending on the cause of the discharge, other symptoms are often also present.

They include itching, burning, irritation, redness, and sometimes pain during urination and sexual intercourse. A vaginal discharge can result from normal changes in estrogen vagi.

The Not-So-Sexy Truth About Getting Wet When You're Turned On

When levels are high, estrogen stimulates the cervix to produce secretions mucusand a small amount of mucus lily chey be discharged from the vagina.

Estrogen levels are high in the following situations:. In newborns wet a week or two after birth because they absorb estrogen from their mother before birth. In women pink take drugs that contain estrogen or that increase wet production such as some fertility drugs.

Vaginal Discharge: What's Normal And What Isn't

Typically, a normal discharge has no odor. It is usually milky white or thin and clear.

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During the childbearing years, the amount and appearance may vary during the menstrual cycle. For example, in the middle of the cycle when the egg is released at ovulationthe cervix produces more mucus, and the mucus is thinner.