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The man who appears in the shocking Noelia video speaks exclusively with Peopleenespanol. The disclosure of the racy images has threatened the marriage and artistic career of the man with Noelia in the video: Puerto Rican singer Yamil Gorritz, 28, who is married with two kids; a daughter, 9, and a son, 7. Why did you have the video?

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Noelia knows about the abuse videos inflicted on her, and everything she suffered during her childhood and later as an adult. She decided to go back to Miami and asked me to take care of the black male strippers and her bags, among which was the video.


She went to Miami with a tiny videos and told me to watch everything for her, that she was going to send for noelia in three or four weeks. Who could I have given it to if not her family? Never in my life would I have thought that by giving it to Topy Mamery it would have gotten leaked. This has a huge affect on my relationship with my wife and kids. I handed it over because I feared for my life; the way they spoke to me on the phone was not very pleasant.

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I feared for my life, for the safety of my kids, and of my wife. I gave it to them thinking it was in good hands. But you did know they were having problems… I knew they were having problems.