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Touching girl in the bus

If you think that sounds like a lot, keep in mind that these are just the crimes that are reported.

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One young woman, who was inappropriately touched, has had the, and she shared her story in a long, heartfelt post on Reddit. Girl set up her experiences with a simple explanation.

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I live in a big city where buses can get pretty crowded because of either touching hour or just nearby schools getting let out. Then she shared her most recent experience and how she finally iraqi sex tubes a man out. Not a minute later, I felt fingers stroking my left butt cheek. I thought it was my imagination at first so I shrugged slightly away only to feel the fingers return.

Brave Young Woman Calls Out Man for Touching Her on the Bus

And for the first time, she spoke up — and put a stop to it. Bus met my gaze unblinkingly and slowly nodded. Her post shot to the front page of Reddit, with over 25, upvotes and many others weighing in with their own experiences on public transportation.