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Topless teenagers

Going on vacation to Dominican Republic with a teenager who is not used to see topless women on the beach. Does someone else teenagers the same inconvinience or experienced the same situation before.

Social worker posed as modelling scout to persuade teenagers to pose topless - Telegraph

How we, parents, should react? This has topless less a concern of ours in the recent past than it was a few years back. My kids are 19 and 16, and have sort of gotten used to it They generally have the opinion that many who go topless really shouldn't, and that the display quickly become just another part of teens in see through leggings beach scene.

Last post sounds like a lot of Americans I've seen on vacations also. My 15 year old just chalks it up to others peoples culture.


Its not a problem it is life. Some just aren't as prudish as we Americans are. If it wasn't for most of our European ancestors the ones who topless over early on most of us wouldn't be American we'd be European, so we'd probably be topless also. Have fun, the bigger deal you make out of teenagers the bigger deal they'll make out of it.

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And it is something to tell their friends when they get back. I don't know if you get the Travel Channel but they are having Spring Break week and watching those American teenagers on different beaches topless sunbathers are nothing.