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The secret of younger sister

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That feeling of being called "adopted" multiple times Older siblings clearly don't have a heart! Little did you know - there's a reason why you were always and still are the 'baby' in the family.

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It's funny how you always knew veronica rodriguez jelena jensen reaction but you couldn't keep your mouth shut. Even if you did, who're you kidding?

Takako- The Secret of Younger Sister 1 |

They got to know anyway and they would either offend you or use this secret to get their work done by you for a long long time. The threat of getting killed in a fight by your own sibling The embarrassment of your older sibling saying really no seriously But sometimes, it was a pain. You often tried looking for your own baby album that never existed, since all your photos always had people in it, especially your older siblings and cousins.

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