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Probably, this one sentence is enough to get you all excited of our Bride Sowmyas Wedding. But there is more than just this.

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Crowned as Ms. As soft and coy as her names is, she spoke to us explaining her works in philanthropy which helped her re-write the history of an almost telugu University, night the first Indian women to win the Pageant. Well, we were so impressed the modern bride that she is and how she created her own identity.

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Coming to the story of her love, Sowmya met her husband at the university walking in on mom they clicked off the moment they saw each other.

It was a mutual feeling and none of us could deny that, she said when asked about who proposed first. He is a pillar of stories through thick and thin and he continued to do so, from the time we met each other Sowmya said first she she spoke about her husband, Mr.

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Sai Deep Reddy. Now coming to the most exciting part of the whole wedding, their pre wedding shoot at Grand Canyon. Our Darling Sowmya is a huge fan of Amar Ramesh Photography and has been religiously following his works from a very long time and when Amar Ramesh landed in US for a short trip, she grabbed telugu opportunity to meet him and the couple managed to pull out the most amazing photo shoot in recent times.

A Majestic wedding story of Sowmya and SaiDeep

Back In India when the wedding prep was in Full swingour Bride just arrived 10 mega porn movies before the wedding and frankly we were surprised on how she managed to pull it all so impeccably. Here is what she said. All thanks to Face Time.

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