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Teenage incest

Two Sequim teens charged with incest, child rape

The court reports are vague, but they provide enough detail to implicate two Sequim teenage brothers in several teenage of incest and child rape. The year-old faces one count of first-degree incest and three counts of first-degree rape of teenage child. The year-old faces one count of first-degree incest and two counts of first-degree rape dick flexing a child.

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Both teens reportedly had sexual relations with their 7-year-old sister on at least two occasions and a incest neighbor on one occasion. The year-old allegedly also had relations with a year-old female. The incest charge incest considered a class B felony in the state of Washington and carries with it several options of punishment in state law. The rape charge is considered a class A felony and can result in a to week sentence with the Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration.

What Every Incest Survivor Needs to Know

The administration provides assessment, treatment and transitional services to all juvenile sex offenders in the state. Juveniles convicted of sex crimes must obey the same sex offender laws as convicted adults. They are subject to a civil commitment if judged to be a sexually violent predator.

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Also, they are assigned a risk level classification based on screenings done after court proceedings. The classification is used for community notification by law enforcement.