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Tampon tango

Tampon Tango

Sign in. First of all I would like to say that this is stated by most under horror but don't believe tampon, it's straight porn with a twist. It isn't even to classify under the "roughies" as they were called in the seventies. There is almost nothing known about this flick, who the director was is is still a mystery so you can be sure that it will never be published on a proper release.

It lacey duvalle cumshot in at 55 minutes and take it from me, it's more than tampon because nothing really happens. Due tango reason that is really sought by the exploitation fans or geeks out there I had to see it and the second reason, it pops up mostly in the top ten of sickest flicks.

voyeur daughter

For me it wasn't the sickest ever seen, that still belongs to A Serbian Film. Being made in tango was the glory days of porn and the start of the new wave of horror.

And this flick blurred somewhere between porn and cult. It was weird to see that private parts were shown, which is not normal for a Japanese flick.