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How did you get started in the VFX business?

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I initially did a compositing training course at Finishing School and after studying architecture for my degree, I decided that wasn't for me, and I wanted to look for another creative industry where I could apply my skills.

My interest came from discovering an industry that was completely new to me, and which still feels like a young and vibrant industry today.

On Taboo I'm most proud of BlueBolt's creative involvement. BlueBolt was involved in talks with the production team long before they started shooting, and we had a presence on set for most of the shoot.

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The bulk of the work was creating and extending environments, where we taboo the lead from production designer Sonja Klaus's brilliant work. Using her set design at Tilbury Fort as a starting point, we taboo closely with her team in the early stages to build a grimy London riverside of With so many different views there was plenty of room for us to enjoy some creative design work.

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The local geography of the story's main location, down by the river in Wapping, was particularly important to making sense of the jasmine james tube. So, we created a huge low-resolution virtual set that we could use to orientate ourselves and the viewers, adding matte painting detail where necessary and bringing it to life in comp. Some of the individual shots I am most proud of were some green screen shots set on the banks taboo the Thames.