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Swedish wildcats

This is a very good movie. The cinematography is excellent, its unbelievably bright and clear, for a movie thats almost 40 years old.

Swedish Wildcats (DVD, 2005)

Beautiful backdrops, a good story, treatment is outdated but probably was not at wildcats time the movie was shot. Cia Lowgren is gorgeous and a pretty good little actress, does a good job in the lead role. Diana D'ors is about 30 lbs overweight from her bombshell days but you can see she used to be a stunning piece of eye candy.

I got this to see the girls, they were hot, the movie was clear, the story was good and the price was right.

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New York Wildcats was some cheap garbage and full naked in public swedish day B movie ripoff of the original and if I had to pay for it by itself I would wildcats definitely been disappointed, also its pretty short like a vigniette.

As a throw-in though, C'est la vie. An older European work, slower paced than US work, with two opposing screenwriters making the plot "of two minds" this is an example of what things were then, not something to emulate.

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The bonus features include an interview, that helps, an American rip-off, which makes you appreciate the original more than you did before you saw the rip-off, and trailers-- an inthevip paige to get you to buy more.

If retro Euro skin flicks interest you, here one swedish. It was an awsome flick! I'm glad I bought it, the crew was great!

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