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The Malta Rally is a unique event hosted in Malta since for boys and girls aged 13 to 18, endorsed by the Malta Tourist Authority. Your sundreams and girls will enjoy top class coaching, excellent facilities, matches versus local opposition monsters of cock kiki a tournament to boot.

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Want to experience the Maltese islands in an innovative way? Then these packages are exactly what you are looking for, full of diverse activities with a guarantee of tuning up your adrenalin.

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The Malta seniors rugby tournament is one of the most entertaining 15s rugby tournaments available in Europe. Malta provides a perfect backdrop for this tournament.

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All teams leave with great rugby memories and a weekend full of friendly gatherings. Sundreams is a little island in the Mediterranean sea and it's a haven for people to learn or improve their English.

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The main spoken language in the resorts on the islands is English, besides all locals speak English too and it's a very safe place.

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