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Stripping on a dare

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One evening we were playing Truth or Dare with our friends. We enjoyed the pool while the parents were out. After that we got some drinks and went inside. Things got pretty hot and some of us had already done some stripping dares. When it was my turn they dared me to strip and put on stripping whip cream bikini!

No more stripping games with my boyfriend around!

I did it and tried to cover up as good as I could. One round later I had to invite my dare over too! When he arrived I had to open the door for him and greet him in this outfit.

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His eyes were falling out of his head! Because I was sooo embarrassed, I just wanted to hide, it did not matter where.

Stories about Stripping Dares Outside

So I just ran past him and outside and jumped into the pool! It was totally cold by now but at least it was dark enough to hide me The girls were screaming with laughter and I just wanted hustler real college girls disappear from the face of the earth!! He brought a towel but I didn't want him to see me with all the whip cream running floating around me in the pool. They never let me live down the shame and it was really bad!