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People who work in flats will be like, 'But I don't work on the street' or strippers will be like, 'Oh I sex have to give handjobs'.

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Skip navigation! Stacey Clare started stripping in She was a student at the Glasgow School of Art, and needed some extra cash on her year out. She was Skip forward 12 years and according to Stacey, the strip club economy is looking tattered, while strippers in Britain face increasingly bleak working conditions.

Stripping, Sex, and Popular Culture

Below, we talked to Stacey about the book, for which she is currently fundraising on Unbound. To understand that, you need to go back to the Licensing Actpassed under the all-seeing bojana feet of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. It stimulated the nighttime economy, allowing hour drinking, and there was a proliferation of strip clubs opening up under public entertainment licences.

For five years, there was a boom in the industry all over the country.

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There was talk of one new club opening per week. That was when I started stripper