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Stop time &

Keep in mind this scenario is purely hypothetical.

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So, what is it debbie does dallas download Discussing this will partially address why it is not a possibility, but will not be its main focus. It will also help us figure out what it is stop we want out of stopping time.

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So, by your frame of reference, time is stopped. All the people around you have frozen solid. Wind stops blowing, water stops running, and the Earth stops turning. Everything else is at a stand-still. To keep this thought experiment relatively easy, let us also assume that the laws of nature are still in effect.

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That is, we will contemplate how the laws would behave in a frozen world, the laws having not disappeared entirely because their effect is not in motion. As you begin to take your first steps, you realize you are stuck in place.

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On this note, you would be unable to breath, as there is no way to intake the motionless air into your lungs. Perhaps you try to call out for help forgetting you are the only conscious person around and find that no sound can time through the environment, being incapable of using the atmosphere as a transmitter of & waves.