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Like many of us, Alice has confusing, ever-changing skin—though you'd never guess it. We dj yella porn videos to her about breakout triggers, post-pregnancy acne and an extremely satisfying sounding 'peeling facial'. Pregnancy for me was truly amazing and I miss being pregnant!

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I mean, besides the first three months I was sooo sick and the days felt long. I was surviving off soda crackers and lukewarm un-caffeinated Japanese tea. But I really think the experience of being pregnant was really amazing and beautiful sticka I was forced to become the best version of myself—like, immediately. Favorite and least girls parts? My favorite part of being pregnant besides loving how good and delicious food was sticka food really tasted 10x better was feeling connected with my baby and loving him even if we hadn't met yet!

On Post-Pregnancy Acne w/ Instagram Angel @rudegirrl

I was girls in love still am with him! Every time I would laugh and sing, he would turn or kick! It was special. How was your skin growing up, and before you got pregnant? My skin growing up was not the greatest. I first got acne when I was 12—I was in the 7th grade.