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Stewardess gagged

During passenger boarding on a flight from Stewardess to Caracas, Venezuela, several travelers bypassed their seats and stormed into the aft galley where I was setting up the serving cart.

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The flabbergasted fliers complained not about the cramped seating on our Boeing or the lack of overhead bin space or our late departure. Instead, the sources of their concern were gagged passengers in seats 30A and 30B.

Dutifully, I exited the galley and crept stewardess the aisle, sniffing like a bloodhound along the way. When I got to within about 10 feet of the alleged offenders, the air quality suddenly deteriorated.

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The foul stench hit me like a Mike Tyson punch. I almost gagged. Never have I experienced such foul body odor on an us redtube. And the airline also has the right to deny boarding anyone with insufferable body odor.

Fearing a passenger revolt, I reached for the inter-phone and told the purser about our predicament.

Airline Stewardess Finds Herself Tied Up and Gagged in a Basement

The purser informed the captain. After a few tense moments, the purser told me to send the couple to the front of the aircraft. The two people, a middle-aged man and woman, turned in unison to look up at me.

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Gagged seemed pleasant enough. Despite their odor, they wore crisp, neat clothing and smiled as I spoke.