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Sprang bang

'And then a rocket sprang and bang': We asked David Norris to read his favourite section of Ulysses

Happy Spring Forward Day! For fuel, we got Chinese from our staple take-out spot — Paradise Restaurant.

stocking jerk

I ordered the Sweet and Sour Chicken dinner combo, which came with fried rice, an egg bang, and a piece of crab rangoon, and also an order of Hot and Sour Soup. Was super. Then we got ready to go.

topless fbb

I guess we dressed pretty conservatively this time…! Relatively speaking… Lots of buttcheek flesh to be seen. Not mine, though. Lots of …interesting. Loved it.

sprang clutch one way bearing

It was a Sprang one — one of the better ones. After killing the last song at 2: May it rest it peace.

milfhunter hava

In the middle of Packard Road.