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Spanking italian

Spanking (Sicilian)

Sofia was eleven years old and lived in Naples, Italy. She had spent the summer with camel toe from behind new friend, named Valerio, and the boy was quite an awkward companion: Her mother had had quite enough of her new attitude, and after four major infractions she was still being patient with her.

The last time Sofia had been scolded and italian got a couple of mild swats on her bottom to remind her what would happen if she ever broke a rule again. But as we all know sometimes eleven-year-olds aren't really reasonable, and Sofia and Valerio stayed out long after Sofia's mom curfew.

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When they were back under the girl's house, they spanking just realised she was in italian some punishment. Valerio and Sofia looked up: She smiled shyly. I can't flee forever.

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I'm gonna get it worse when Spanking eventually get back. Maybe now she'll go easy on me. Her red flowered sundress was off the second she stepped into the house: She dragged the begging girl down the hallway to her own bedroom, slapping the child's buttocks with each step, which caused Sofia to arch her back trying to avoid the blows. Her mother sat on the large two-poster bed she shared with her husband, and pulled her sorry daughter to her.