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Spanking boy


To spank or not to spank? That continues to be the question when it comes to spanking discipline, and just about everyone has a strong and spanking emotional opinion.

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While most people at least publicly decry the use of spanking as a form of child discipline, more people do spank their kids than they let on. Instead, many spanking opponents still justify "swats" or "smacks" or even "popping of the hands or head" as different than spanking. But spanking doesn't literally just mean the kind where a child is bent over your knees and whose bottom is struck with a spanking or even belt.

Most define spanking as any physical contact that involves striking a child for the purpose of stopping a behavior or action or getting their attention.

With all that said, most boy psychologists, pediatricians, so-called parenting boy, educators and middle-class parents oppose spanking.

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The reasoning is that spanking can cause life-long emotional damage to a child and sometimes even physical damage as well. Plus, spanking opponents argue, there are plenty of other alternative ways to discipline a child who is acting inappropriately. Proponents of spanking are often religious conservatives, who reference corporal punishment spanking as being the preferred way to discipline children in accordance with the Bible. Who hasn't heard the reference, "Spare the rod and spoil the child?

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They strongly argue against opponents' claims that spanking a child teaches them to become violent adults. Proponents also argue that occasionally spanking a child who is acting unsafely or terribly does not make them child abusers boy parents with anger problems.


They also point to how well-behaved their child is, especially compared with out-of-control, disrespectful and tantrum-prone youngsters whose parents keep threatening them with "time-outs" or "going to bed early" without changing the tanya song tubes.