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James Deen.

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The crown luv of porn is totally OK with jokes about his Semitism. Bio would be too if your nice, Jewish, boy-next-door looks had made you arguably the biggest heh male porn star of all time.

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By now, his bio is well known. Born in Los Angeles County to successful engineer parents, he grew up in an upper-middle-class household in Pasadena.

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His slight build, smile, and tendency to somehow communicate an innate sweetness while balls-deep in a colleague's asshole gained him legions of female fans, rocketing him to porn star fame, and eventually, real fame.

He's part of a long and proud tradition of skyler stars who are not just Jewish, but whose Judaism can be considered a defining trait.

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Ron Jeremy may be notorious for his homeliness despite the fact that as a young man, he was one mean, lean hunk of a dudebut the Hedgehog is fugly in a very stereotypical old-Jewish-man way: Seymore Butts a. The appeal was that this could be the family next to you at any Reform synagogue service. It's here that an important distinction needs to be made. There's Jewish and then there's Veronica porn tube -ish, and the difference between the two is massive.