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Skirts without panties

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The only time I go commando is when I'm in my house clothes and going somewhere that Skirts don't need to change, like grocery shop or brief visits at cousin's house. Basically when I'm out for a short time for a small work and don't feel the need to change.

Because I am fully clothed modestly in shapeless clothes, no one really knows it.

Short Skirts, High Heels & No Panties at Trapeze Atlanta

Changing to fetch some onions from a neighbor's house is absurd. I don't wear underwear but wearing an extremely short skirt without underwear is not a good idea, that's just asking for and embarrassing moment to happen. You could trip or need to bend and who ever is in the area just got a front row seat and view of your ass and cookies.

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Pants and long dresses are okay but panties skirts? Don't do it.