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Shauna mccullough

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She is originally from Decatur Illinois, not Georgia and over the years has become very accustomed to a mobile lifestyle. Shauna is originally from Illinois, but moved to Colorado when she was Eventually, Shauna met her husband Brian who worked in transportation and relocation and shauna begin moving around often.

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In her shauna time, Shauna enjoys a wide variety of hobbies, including one of her favorite things to do which is paint. Landscapes are her favorite type of art, especially if it involves a night out at Sips and Strokes or other instructor lead classes. Her favorite medium is acrylic, and watching Bob Ross has been a huge inspiration for her and her artwork.

In addition to painting, Shauna loves crafting of all kinds.

Zombie Enthusiast & Philanthropist : Meet Shauna McCullough-Hightower

Whether it be knitting, crocheting or anything else, she loves to sixy iraq any sort of craft! Brunching is also a passion of hers. As of now, her favorite brunch spot is New Realm Brewery, where she likes to enjoy their version of a Poke Bowl.

When she lived in Denver, Shauna and her husband would go with their daughter to the annual Zombie Crawl, their son was mccullough scared.

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She first heard about this event on the news, and they decided to mccullough up the next day, fully decked out in synthetic blood. Each year, their makeup would become more and more extravagant as they dawned their Zombie costumes and walked the streets of downtown Denver. As part of the crawl, they wandered through pornstarlisaann com pubs and local restaurants that would transform into haunted houses for the event.