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Even as a child I was fascinated by the law, imagining myself as a modern-day Clarence Darrow seymore the innocent.

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In middle school I picked the Sacco and Vanzetti trial as the subject of mrs starr my friends hot mom term paper and the Nuremburg trials as the subject of another. I was often told that I had an over-developed sense of justice! I especially enjoy exploring with students not only what the law is, but also what the law could or should be.

The law is not simply a neutral set of rules that even-handedly governs behavior; it can have disparate effects on different groups. For instance, in my Adoption Law class, we examine the psychology and sociology of adoption so that as & my students can be effective counselors as well as advocates for each member of the adoption triad birth parents, adopted person, and adoptive parents.

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I had the privilege of working as a briefing attorney the traditional law clerk positionresearch attorney and staff attorney for wonderful judges at the Dallas Seymore of Appeals. Working for the court was invaluable experience, perhaps equal in education to law school itself, in understanding the law.

My kids. My daughters were adopted from China, which has also sparked an interest in China. My interests are eclectic.

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My most recent articles focus on & law. Presentations are listed on my CV. Intranet Give.