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The Value of Fish Pee | Hakai Magazine

When was the last time you pissed yourself? Oh, when you were eight? When you went camping that urine and got scared by the noises outside? Get real, friend; it was last weekend and we all know about it.

Hakai Magazine

We also all know you're going to do it this weekend, too schoolgirl caning films starting tonight and carrying on in a consistent, free-flowing Amazon river of urine, until your whole mattress is saturated with your own golden nectar. Now you're all ashamed, here are some stories about other people who pissed themselves sexy cheer you up. Illustrations by Sam Taylor.

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Follow him on Twitter sptsam or visit his website at samtaylorillustrator. I was at this party when I was 16 and ended up in the make out room with a girl.

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There were a few other couples nestled away in the corners in various states of embrace, but I was blind-drunk urine I didn't really care. I was just fixated on getting some boob.


I was also dying for a piss, but I though it might kill the mood if I darted off to take a leak and left her there waiting for me. Anyway, we were kissing and groping for a bit, then she unbuttoned my trousers and started tossing me off. In retrospect, that was maybe a bad sexy, because as I relaxed, my drunkenness took over and I was in that weird middle-ground between the waking world and complete unconsciousness.

Seemingly out of nowhere, she leant her elbow into my bladder and, in my drunk, blissed-out haze, I start peeing.