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Sexy emo guy

Oh so pretty jet black beautiful hair thats long in the front and short and spikey in the guy.

sexy emo boys

Some wear eyeliner to enhance their already seXy eyes. Although some dont, they are still beautiful. They usually have their ear s pierced with occasional gages. Possible facial piercings as well. Such as eye brows, lips, tongues, noses They usually wear black hoodies sometimes with patches so they can stick their hands in the pockets and look cool and nonchalant.

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Often you will see them with blackly painted emo no sexy titt isnt a sign of being gay. It shows emo-ness.

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Almost always you'll see them in tightass girl pants with studded belts, and seXy boXers showing. Bandannas often stick out of the butt pockets. Band buttons are often present on the front pockets of the pants or on the hoodie. Pants are sometimes rolled up once at the bottom, and socks never show because they are tucked inside Chuck Taylors, or sexy skate shoes.