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Sex on the settee

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Sex On The Couch is indeed about sex, but the 'couch' bit refers to the sofa you're invited to sit on — and otalian porn from — at the therapist's office. The show sees young couples visit a purpose-built clinic to get a bit of help and guidance in the sex.

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We've seen enough of that. Here we get deep, down and fairly dirty, unpicking the issues that are getting in the way of a really good, erm, sesh.


Between the pair the their 20s exploring their sexual fantasies for the first time, and the married couple in their early 30s who have stopped having sex altogether, Sex On The Couch offers a surprisingly revealing opportunity to eavesdrop on the inner workings of other people's sex lives and the advice they're given to fix it, too. Related Stories.

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Settee be told, I was most surprised by the ages of the couples who had opted for some external help. So used to the pressure of being romantically 'young', and being fed the idea that our 20s and 30s were for wild, fun and adventurous sex at all hours lol, as if and the action dies out as we get older, part of me expected to meet different people. Despite my better knowledge, whenever we talk about relationship counselling my mind shoots to scenes of Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones in Hope Springs a charming film for a hungover Sunday afternoon, by the way.