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Sex and zen 3d sex scene

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3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy

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Extreme Ecstasy is a film that mostly stays true to its title. As for the zen part, that word probably could have been replaced with torture.


In this oddball erotic kung-fu comedy, director Christopher Sun flips the period costume drama on its head, turning it into a sexcapades fantasy of forbidden ancient lore. The film grossed more money on its first day of release in Hong Kong than Titanic or 3D behemoth Avatar.

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Billed as the first ever 3-D erotic film, obviously the movie has a unique attraction for a certain type of audience. However for others, the misogynistic antics of both protagonist and antagonist along with the surprising amount of dark and disturbing sexual brutality suffered by both sexes will surely turn off some audiences.