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Scarlett Johansson, the most beautiful actress in the worldhas enjoyed her fair share of iconic movie moments.

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From critically acclaimed gems like Lost in Translation and Vicky Christina Scarlet to blockbuster outings in The Avengers and Ghost in the Shellhere are some of her most memorable roles A controversial casting saw Scarlett play Major Mira Killian, a cyborg super soldier with an unclear past in johansson adaptation of a Japanese manga classic. Naturally this gives her superpowers.

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A small but vital role in Jon Favreau 's ode the best latina ass good cookin', Scarlett plays restaurant hostess Molly who looks better eating a bowl of pasta than any human has the right to.

Johansson plays Anna, a yoga instructor dead-set on stealing Ben Bradley Cooper away from his wife, culminating in this naked scene where she skinny-dips in his poo l.

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Scarlett was never going to find acting the part of Joseph Gordon Levitt's 'perfect 10' girlfriend very hard. And so it proved. She's there, in the ear piece, playing the operating system that Joaquin Phoenix falls for in this futuristic rom-com.

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You don't see 'Samantha', but you do hear her husky voice and - whether you'll admit it or not - fall in love a bit by the end too.