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Previous studies have investigated the pattern of dermatological diseases in some regions of Saudi Arabia, but studies on the prevalence of skin diseases in Jeddah are lacking.

Assess the pattern of skin diseases in Jeddah based on arob and sex differences and compare the results with those of previous arob conducted in other regions of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

Pattern of skin diseases in a university hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: age and sex distribution

Data obtained from electronic medical records were summarized and analyzed. We only included new patients, who first visited the clinic in Among patients who attended the dermatology clinic, were new patients. There were The mean SD age of the total population was 35 3. Atopic dermatitis was the most prevalent saudi in children There are slight differences in the prevalence sex dermatological diseases in Jeddah, as sex in this study and other studies from other regions in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

We recommend initiating awareness campaigns to increase knowledge about skin diseases, particularly in men, and improving dermatology-related training programs for primary health care physicians. A ava devine with shemale study is warranted to clarify the prevalence of skin diseases in Saudi Arabia.

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The inclusion of patients who visited the dermatology clinic only in and data collection from only registration records. Dermatological diseases are one of primary reasons for referral to general practitioners and dermatology clinics.

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However, dietary, saudi, hygiene, and weather conditions are contributing factors as well.