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Saturday night beaver

Nobody saturday to miss this one, so it's two teams and of course the Beaverettes and a lot of partying to fit in.

Saturday Night Beavers

RHB, LM. Our Malinga look-a-like bowling action, not haircut has been summoned from the comfort of the supporters' section to bolster the SNB ranks with his whirlwind action and expansive range of shots.

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Divides his time bewteen the UK and Thailand which we think could be an elaborate tax dodge but may just be because beaver likes Chiang Mai. Debut Tour. RHB, RM. The Professor Piehead of the team, Danny will be unveiling the latest incarnation of the Imbibe-o-Matic whcih is expected to make an apperance at this year's Beaverlympics.

Full Cast & Crew

Danny's cricketing pedigree hails from the coast of Co Clare where he has often been spotted imbibing with his brother-in-law Dicky. RHB, WK. Years of chasing frisbees in the park have had a lasting impact on the Dickster's approach to cricket, most notably manifesting itself in his predilection night trying to catch the ball with his teeth.

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