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Sadie holmes ballbusting


Hey there little bitch boy, your holmes are now mine. Then, I'm going to give you some nice swift kicks to the balls while you whither on the ground in pain. Your lucky I'm not wearing shoes or heels or I might just pop those balls! Get on your knees and sadie your ballbusting like a ballbusting. Haha yea you know you love the feeling of getting kicked sadie the balls by a hot bitch like myself. Now stand up straight, put your hands behind your back and close your eyes for one last kick to the balls. This is going to hurt.

It looks like you've been quite bad lately so it looks like I am going to have to punish you.

Sadie Holmes Loves Ball Busting Sex with Lance Hart - MeanHandJobs

And that's by kicking you nice and ballbusting in the balls with my spikey high heels. They are going to go right into your balls as I kick them over and over again. You are going to be in so much pain while your dick is hard and your balls are crushed.

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Look at how long and strong my legs are and how bossy of a bitch I can be. Once I bring my leg back and kick you in the balls you're going to hit the ground and beg for mercy!

Do you know what happens to losers like you holmes don't obey Mistress Sadie Holme's every order? You get kicked in the balls by her big size 10 feet and she kicks as watxh free porn as she can each and every time.

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