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Real submissive wife

Why I Chose to Be a Submissive in My BDSM Relationship

Submissive wives are all the rage. The idea of letting your husband lead the wife has obviously hit a sweet spot vicky valentine porn some stressed-out women.

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When former Full House star Candace Cameron Bure released real book explaining her decision to be a submissive submissive, she was slammed. What a pre-historic notion, to be subservient to your husband. However we here at iVillage are happy to explore any and every lifestyle choice.

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So, it turns out that the philosophy behind this whole submissive wife thing is strength, not weakness. It's not about service, or being timid.

A Real Submissive Wife Exposes the Truth About Her Controversial Marriage | CafeMom

It's about making the decision to have a truly contented marriage. Not convinced? Christian website Reason4Living does a much better job of explaining it than we ever could:.

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