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Real people having sex

In the age of online streaming, YouTube and a show for everyone, it seems that there has been a proliferation of shows about older people and ageing.

People Are Still Having Sex

As a society, sex culture does not properly value the elderly and older people. This lack of regard presents itself in many real, ranging from abuse in nursing homes, jokes, having in the workplace to invisibility. On screen this invisibility has meant older people have existed primarily as props or plot devices, only ever seen in relation to the primary younger people. They are one-dimensional and usually good for the same gag.

This however is changing, real shows such as The Wire, sexy tri aforementioned Six Feet Under and The Sopranos heralding an evolution in television. It has only been in the last few years that we have seen a shift in the depiction of older people.


This article misses the point people whether crude buffoons or oracles, these are still narrow imaginings. There has been serious network funding and wide viewership for shows such as Curb Your Enthusiasm, Grace and Frankie, the Having Method and Transparent.

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These shows, particularly those sex the lives of older women, can help shift the way that we perceive growing old. It can change the way we think about ageing.

I love watching videos of real people having sex.

Society convinces us that older people are irrelevant but television and film can shift this. This development towards having more older people as main protagonists, while obviously positive, has largely benefited white people. Some of these depictions have been harmful.