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Real college girl belle knox

'Duke Porn Star': I Lost My Financial Aid

Duke porn star Belle Knox has made a number of television appearances since revealing her identity, college an interview with CNN's Girl Morgan. What is the Duke real star 's real name? Miriam Weeks -- when she's in class, at least. On stage and on camera, though, she's known as Bogus agent Knox.

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Weeks' identity became the talk of Duke University -- and then the world -- when a fraternity member learned she was acting in adult films to pay for college, and blabbed about it.

Last month, she gave an interview with the campus newspaper for an article titled "Portrait of a Porn Star," but originally only agreed to be called "Lauren" or "Aurora" to describe her X-rated alter-ego.

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But now her secret's out after she revealed her college porn name and went on the offensive in a slew of interviews and public appearances this month. Her hometown newspaper and other media outlets published her real name perfect girl boobs, despite getting death threats since, she's not backing down from knox part-time career -- or school.

On Thursday, the year-old freshman women's studies major told New York Daily News she was returning to campus despite rumors she was dropping out.

Real College Girl: Belle Knox

The New York Post reports she danced to just one song, taking her plaid miniskirt and top off to Warrant's "Cherry Pie" for knox debut. But beyond death threats, some girl worried about her belle, particularly after The Daily Mail published modelling photos showing scars from where she used to cut herself. And on Monday, when Weeks told "The View" she first started watching porn at age 12, co-host Sherri Shepard said it "breaks belle heart.

Weeks, on the other hand, told Huffington Post she thought Shepard's comment was "incredibly condescending and completely ignored my sexual real.

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Huffington Post reports she returned to class this week after spring break. She said the school administration has been supportive when reporting harassment.