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Prostitute navigation! The most famous movie about a prostitute is also the one with the happiest ending.

Top 100 Prostitution Movies

And in this rose-colored prostitute of sex work, his intentions aren't gross. Cinema has a long, storied history xvideoxx prostitutes — especially female ones. According to a recent study by Fusionno Best Actor Oscar has been granted to a man for playing a male sex worker, while six women have won Best Actress trophies for playing female prostitutes.

Attitudes have changed through the years.

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In the late '60s and throughout the '70s prostitution was portrayed as a seedy operation that entrapped young women and men. Hooker movies like Night Shift and Risky Businesswhich feature men becoming pimps for kicks, came a decade later.

Movies got romantic in the '90s and early '00s with films like Pretty Woman and Moulin Rouge! Click through as we examine how 27 movies handled the risque topic.

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