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Neil Young Wants to Move Pono Music Service Into Streaming

Five months later, the real schoolgirl panties audio download platform remains out of service moves, but Young isn't giving up on his pet project just yet.

In a new interview with Rolling StoneYoung says he's looking into adapting the service for streaming. Pono initially launched with a library of two million songs, allowing users to purchase and download lossless FLAC files of each track and rejecting the compressed formats that make files like mp3s take up smaller amounts of space on hard drives and free up room for more songs or data.

Young, however, says Pono will not use lossless compression methods, but is in vaginas hermosas process of setting pono a partnership with a company based in Singapore that will allow Pono moves stream its catalog at varying levels of audio quality.

If you don't have the bandwidth, your app will show you what you're missing You'll be able to move around and there won't be any break in the music, but the resolution of the sound will change and you'll be able to tell what happened when you look at your screen.

And that will educate people as to the difference between hi-resolution music and regular streaming-level music.

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While that sounds like it could be a separate, frustrating pono for listeners, Young has always positioned Pono as a teaching tool for fans who want to hear tracks with the full audio resolution with which they were recorded, which would necessarily limit its user base to audiophiles and the moves.

And it's had its share of problems along the way. Just eight months after its launch, Young posted a lengthy letter to Facebook calling Pono a "labor of love" and noting the company still needed a "proven business leader" to run it.