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Passionate encounters

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Request Exam or Desk Copy. How Feminism Travels Across Borders.

Passionate Encounters

Skip to content Home social science performing arts Dancing Tango. NYU Press pages6. Hardcover ISBN: Access encounters eBook from one encounters our digital partners Table of Contents Introduction.

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Description Contents Authors Praise Argentinean tango is a global phenomenon. Since its origin among immigrants from the slums of Buenos Aires and Montevideo, it has crossed and re-crossed many borders.

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Yet, never before has tango been danced by so many people and in so many different places as today. Argentinean tango is more than a specific music and style of dancing. It is also a cultural imaginary which embodies intense passion, hyper-heterosexuality, passionate dangerous exoticism.

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In the wake of its latest revival, tango has become both a cultural symbol of Argentinean national identity and a transnational cultural space in which a modest, yet growing number of dancers from different parts of the globe meet on the dance floor. Through interviews and ethnographical research in Amsterdam and Buenos Aires, Kathy Davis shows why a dance from another era passionate another place appeals to men and women from different encounters of the world and what happens to them as they become caught up in the tango salon culture.

She shows how they negotiate the turkey sexx, contradictions, and hierarchies of gender, sexuality, and global relations of power between North and South in which Argentinean tango is — and has always been — embroiled.

Davis also explores her uneasiness about her own passion for a dance which — when seen through the lens of contemporary critical feminist and postcolonial theories — seems, at best, passionate, and, at worst, disreputable and even a bit shameful.

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