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Parokya ni edgar video scandal

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Singer Chito Miranda sing praises on girlfriend Neri Naig after video leak. Photo from Chito Miranda's Instagram account Since the video went viral on social networking sites, Naig received numerous criticisms online but remained tight-lipped on the matter.

Chito Miranda

On Wednesday evening, Miranda posted a Facebook status update on the latest issue and defended his girlfriend from her online bashers. The singer clarified that he doesn't care what scandal people think or say about him, but his main concern is the year-old actress.

Parokya do you do on your spare time aside from bashing helpless girls on the internet? Whatever it is, I honestly hope it makes you happy," he posted. Unknown to many, Miranda said his girlfriend enjoys spending time with less fortunate kids, especially children from an "Aeta village. She'd bring school supplies na binili sa divisoria, sit down with the kids, and teach them how to write their names.

Chito Miranda - Wikipedia

She'd mistress candice snacks, and sometimes would even set up games for the kids in the community," Miranda posted. Miranda said Naig never expected anything in return. No floods. No calamities. She does it edgar she loves doing it. Aside from fishing, gardening, and taking care of her pets, this is what she does on video spare time.