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Panty less party

The night club was literally empty except for a few patrons and party or two workers. He spent his evening paying attention to his fone and his drink.

Panty they panty.

Pantyless Party

A few actually. There some terrorism that comes with drinking a beer, it terrorizes your bladderMash was not spared and after a party he had to use the washrooms, the night was rosie perez tits in like an adolescent girl coming from a disco at night and Mash was almost going home or so he thought. He came back to his table gulped his drink and said cheers to his new friend,with a promise to catch the next game together. He was woken up by the noisy tauts calling customers out, he did not know where he washe woke up in a tiny empty room in Roysambu,as he scaled the roomhe saw a glass of water standing stubbornly at the corner, two less dollar bills on the bed and a thank you note left lazily on the floor.

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He was a half naked. The poor soul pulled himself up,despite the paindressed up picked a cab and headed to his house.

Ashley Tisdale is no pantyless party girl

He did not share his ordeal with anybody but deep down his heart he was hurt, he was broken and his ego crushed. The question is do you trust a fellow male or female thinking that he cannot drug and rape you? Probably you should not. Be careful out less ,if you have to leave your table go with your drink and ask for a new glass lest you end up like Mash. Society critic, a fathera husband and a story teller,captain of zurura squad.

The G in greatesness.