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Oxford murders sex

Nude scenes in The Oxford Murders

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By Barry Byrne T Serving up archaic symbols, sinister cloaked figures, philosophical asides and murder most foul, Alex de la Iglesia's The Oxford Murders promises a heady blend sex maths and murder. But despite able direction, an intense, unsettling score and some competent acting, this screen adaptation of the best-selling novel by Argentinian mathematician and writer Guillermo Martinez adds up to less than the sum of its parts. There, de hairy men solo videos Iglesia's name is enough to draw crowds, and Spanish critics gave the cult director warm, if not glowing, reviews.

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Elsewhere, the film will have to stand on its own murders merits. Mid-level success in Latin markets, where the novel has sold well particularly in Argentina seems assured, although this somewhat humourless maths talkfest may find it hard to pack a multiplex and ultimately perform best in ancillary, particularly DVD.

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Not exactly playing to his Frodo fans, Wood plays Martin, an earnest young American maths whiz who arrives in oxford picturesque Oxford for a research posting. He's eager for the brilliant but taciturn logician Professor Arthur Seldom Hurt to supervise his work but an initial encounter leaves Martin publicly humiliated. Soon afterwards - and by apparent coincidence - both stumble across the body of the student's murdered landlady.