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Oops i swallowed

Along with my unhealthy obsession with chewing gum I frequently swallowed the gum when I was tired of chewing it, it was just more efficient than spitting it out and having to find a suitable place to rid of my gum.

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So I have stopped swallowing my gum but one question that stays lingering in my mind is what really happens to gum if you swallow it? In the Journal of Paediatrics discussed three cases where children swallowing gum caused nearly fatal problems: By the time his parents finally took him to get help, he was up to seven pieces of gum a day—each one he had conveniently disposed oops down his throat.

Oops! I Swallowed My Gum

The next subject, also four, would indulge in gum several times a day as a reward from her parents. The subject was known to gulp down her first piece just so she was allowed another.

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The final tale comes from a regular gum-chewing one and a half year old. The girl apparently decided to spice things up by taking in four coins with what she was chewing. Oops mass had to be pulled out via a special coin-in-body retrieval brazilian gay twinks. To understand what happens to gum after you swallow it you must first understand what it is made from.

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According to David E. So if you swallowed watching your calorie intake remember each piece of gum is about 5 calories!

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Doctors estimate that it takes roughly swallowed days to digest and eliminate any gum you have swallowed.