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Nudity in public

public nudity

From selfie sticks to ice bucket videos, was a year of explosive trends, but perhaps none was as disturbing as the prevalence of birthday suits in horrifically inappropriate settings.

For whatever reason, it seems like naked people were doing crazier s--t than normal this year.

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Behold, the worst examples of living au naturale that will have you clutching your pearls and rethinking nudity drunken dare to streak through the quad. Proving yet again that the only thing worse than bath salts is more bath salts, a former honor student stripped down before torching his parents' homepolice say.

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He allegedly then went on to burglarize two other homes and attempted to set his car on fire, all while wearing nary a scarf, despite the fact that it was late November in Maine. After being called out for school girl sax com his raw buns on a crowded train seat, this man -- who apparently has a penchant for sensible footwear -- was spotted, looking admittedly more relaxed than most New Yorkers, on a busy street.

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Just when you thought sex and the ocean were the two greatest things on earth, a couple in Italy proved that two rights can make a wrong. In a nudity reenactment of many of our worst nightmares, the couple reportedly got stuck together for hours.

They have not made a statement about whether they will ever have sex again.

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Next time you think being famous public awesome, consider the plight of poor Keanu Reeveswho got visited by two separate stalkers in the span of just a couple days, the second of whom allegedly arrived in the bare and treated herself to a shower and a skinny dip in the star's home. Not an excellent adventure. In the grand tradition of daredevils feeling pressure to outdo themselves, Australian extreme skier Sam Ruttiman attempted to up the ante by going down the slope "Full Monty.

Don't let public sweet smile fool you.

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